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Oil Pan Cat Beds

Oil pan beds consist of a black plastic oil drain pan with a cover made of synthetic yarn. Oil drain pan cat bed

Red Heart Super Savers Stripes yarn is an acrylic yarn that comes in several color sets. Red Heart Yarn beds are very colorful and have a matching round pad to place under or on top of crocheted cover. See care instructions.

Bernat Blanket yarn is a very soft chenille polyester yarn that comes in several weights and many colors, including ombre and mixed colors. Bernat Blanket Yarn beds are very soft and do not need extra padding. See care instructions.

Red Heart Yarn

Cool Stripe cat bed Cool Stripe

Parrot cat bed Parrot Stripe

Bernat Blanket Yarn - Ombre

Spring Green Ombre cat bed Spring Green Ombre $35

Ocean Teal Ombre cat bed Ocean Teal Ombre

Bernat Blanket Yarn

Pow Purple cat bed Pow Purple

Blush Pink cat bed Blush Pink

Crimson cat bed Crimson

Moss cat bed Moss

Forest Sage cat bed Forest Sage

Deep Sea cat bed Deep Sea

Light Teal cat bed Light Teal

Teal Dreams cat bed Teal Dream

Royal Blue cat bed Royal Blue

Faded Blues cat bed Faded Blues

Smokey Blue cat bed Smokey Blu

Pale Gray cat bed Pale Gray

Taupe cat bed Taupe